How does one get to China on a bicycle?

Days 1 - 8

Well……..below is the route that I’ve chosen.  Europe is pretty accurate in terms of route and timing, Asia however is very vague.  I’m not sure planning that far ahead makes a huge amount of sense as I don’t know where this adventure is going to take me, so rather than stick rigidly to a route, I’m just going to see where the wind takes me………never been one for a routine or a plan (I thank my mother for that!)

So I leave home (Thundersley, Essex) on Friday 10th June and after my first day of riding I will hit my first obstacle, sea! The only bit of sea I will have to cross on my adventure! I’ve decided to cross from Harwich to the Hook of Holland. I’ve not been to Amsterdam before so thought it would be good to pass through, and it means I get to see Lara and Harry – Yay.

From there my route takes me through Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan.  From Azerbaijan I will likely fly to India, this will depend on my confidence as I get closer to Iran and Pakistan.  Different people say different things about travelling in these parts as a single woman, so I will decide once I get closer.

Once in India I will hop over to Sri Lanka for a bit of down time, then back over to India to follow the east coast into Bangladesh.  I’m hoping to go up to Bhutan, but I will have to see how I’m going at that point.  From Bangladesh I will go through Burma, Laos, Vietnam and finally China.

It sounds so simple.


10 thoughts on “How does one get to China on a bicycle?

  1. Always good to have a plan, but the best plans are adaptable, you’ll be amazed at what happens along the way 😉 love dad xx


  2. Good luck Fen, what an adventure and I’m sure a few challenges you have ahead…keep positive, keep safe, keep that beautiful smile!


  3. Good luck Fen, what an adventure and I’m sure a few challenges you have ahead of you…keep positive, keep safe, keep that beautiful smile!


  4. Awesome challenge. Well done. I recommend “Backdoor to Beijing” as a great read. My dad lives in China if you need a contact out there. If you haven’t already, start asking people for contacts in countries just in case you need some unexpected help at any point. Stay safe and be strong. Xxxxx


    1. Hey Michaela, thanks for your comment. I was actually reading backdoor to Beijing in the weeks before I left. I didn’t quite get to the end before departing and couldn’t squeeze it in, so I’ll have it to look forward to when I eventually get back! I rather like that I haven’t got to the end yet.
      I’ll certainly let you know if I need some contacts once I get to China! Thank you!
      Getting stronger each day and loving every moment, even the tough ones (although generally once I’ve come through the other side!) xxx


      1. Your an inspiration. I’m going travelling next year but considering making some parts into long cycle or Treks. Possible Vancouver through California by bike. Lots to think about first.
        My dad was in email contact with the author of back for to Beijing. I’m sure his email is in the book. You should contact him. If not let me know and I’ll get my dad to contact him. Hope you are staying safe. Mic


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