Precious little life

I’m saddened by the situation at home. I’m saddened by some of the decisions made by our unelected prime minister. I’m saddened by the recent events in Turkey and France, and there will be many more that our media choose not to report on which I’m sure would sadden me further. But what use is my isolated sadness. I wonder what can be done to make the world a better place for my loved ones, present and future. I alone cannot make the changes that are needed, but what I can do is connect, every day, with this wonderful planet we have the blessing to live on. I can look, I can see, I can enjoy, I can appreciate. Look at the moon and the rivers, see the wildlife, enjoy the feeling of sun on my back, appreciate the efforts of all those I meet trying to do the right thing, to survive. The last five weeks have shown me what beauty exists in nature and in people. 

I will continue to cycle around the world without fear. I will be kind. I will love. I will cycle with defiance, and confidence that the world is not this monstrous place that many would like me to believe it is. I love this planet, I love everything that it can offer me. There may be a few bad eggs out there, but you certainly won’t see me cowering in the corner waiting for them to strike me down. Come and get me if you think you’re hard enough……..I can ride pretty fast you know!! 


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